How Big Is A Postage Stamp?


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Matthew Barrett answered

International stamp

Small letter up to 50g

130 x 240 x 5mm

Large letter over 250g up to 500g

260 x 360 x 20mm

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Postage stamps come in a mind-boggling assortment of sizes. Typical sizes for stamps would mean anywhere between 10 to say 30 mm counting in each direction. These sizes appear to be largely the easiest to handle. You also find several countries employing restricted collection of dimensions, so as to simplify automated machinery which handles stamps.

Some remarkable stamps include the Penny Black (Britain) and the Basel Dove (Switzerland). The formed is prided as the planet's first-ever official adhesive postage stamp. It was on 1 May 1840 that the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland issued the same.

You find that postage stamps are typically rectangles. Thus allows for efficiency in packing many stamps on a given sheet. You of course have horizontal as well as vertical designs. You can also discover several additional shapes of postage stamps like triangles, octagons, and even freeform shapes.

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