Do You Know The Value Of The H Rate Make-up Stamp In USA Postage?


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The H Rate Make Up Stamp in US Postage is the value of one US cent. It was used with the 32 cent stamp before the rate change occurred in order to create the new 33 cent price of posting a first class letter.

These are still valid if you use them alongside plenty of other stamps to complete the overall postage that you require.  You can check online if you are unsure about what stamp postage costs are available at the moment, or your local mail centre will also be able to help.

The H Rate Make Up Stamp actually has a light blue background with an image of a darker blue rooster standing on a weathervane, alongside a yellow sunshine in the left top corner. It also features the word ‘USA’ and ‘The H Rate Make Up Stamp’ on it.

These were originally created on January 10th, 1999 and covered a 33 cent rate for a first ounce letter, a 33 cent rate for a first ounce package, with additional ounces of 22 cents and a postcard rate of 20 cents. There are many other historical postage rates online for the USA which you can find out more information at
If you are still unsure, or just need additional advice, then speak to your local mail centre. They will be happy to help and should hopefully give you advice free of charge.

Make sure you have enough stamps to cover the postage of the letter or parcel that you are sending before you send it, otherwise it may not reach its destination.
Do You Know The Value Of The H Rate Make-up Stamp In USA Postage?
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A breakdown of the A-H stamps with their denomination is as follows:
A $0.15
B $0.18
C $0.20
D $0.22
E $0.25
F $0.29
G (Old Glory) $0.32
G (postcard) $0.20
G (Dove) $0.03 (MAKE-UP)
H (Hat) $0.33
H (Rooster) $0.01 (MAKE-UP)
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What is the value of the H rate make-up stamp with rooster and weather vane?
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One cent
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.01 dollar
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October 19, 1998
Stamp News Release Number 98-115
USPS Web Site www.usps.comm
Stamps To Be Issued At Birthplace Of Uncle Sam
United States Postal Service(TM) POSTAL NEWS

WASHINGTON - The Postal Service announced today that it would issue the non-denominated 'H' stamps in a ceremony at the 'birthplace' of Uncle Sam in Troy, New York on November 9. The

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