I Want To Know How Much A Stamp I Worth? It's 4c And Says "U.s. Man In Space" "Project Mercury" On It?


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According to the Kenmore Stamp Company catalog (2008 collector's edition), that stamp is Scott #1193 and is worth $.40 approximately if it is in mint condition (meaning it has never been used for postage and has glue on the back of it) and if it is in used condition (meaning it has been used for postage) it is worth $.20 approximately.  You may find different prices from different catalogs and from different dealers but not by more than a few pennies.  If you have more stamps that you want to know how much they are worth you can always check at the library in the Scott Catalog of Stamps.  It will list each country's stamps, description, worth, and a picture (now in color) of that stamp.  Just ask the librarian where to find the Scott Catalog of Stamps.

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