What Was/is Your Favorite Board Game?


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Laura Wilde Profile
Laura Wilde answered
I loved Battleship.  I might go home and dig it out!
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John commented
Regular or electronic? : ) stupid question did they ever bring out battleship as a internet game where you could play with someone in another town/city/state/continent..? : )
Penny Kay Profile
Penny Kay answered
I love Risk, the take over the world game.
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John commented
Use to play that and stratego and monopoly all summer with the neighbor kids....talk about going back in time......
Rachel Holt Profile
Rachel Holt answered
Monopoly tycoon because you need to use the tv to play
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
When I was a kid I loved the game twister. That one was always fun at parties... :)
Lisbeth Larose Profile
Lisbeth Larose answered

Dixit !! :D

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