What is your favorite card game?


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I'm not allowed to play card games or board games  anymore cos when I win I jump up on my chair and sing " we are the champions"  ... And if I lose I cause a scene :/ I used to like poker and A$$hole though. Edit : also I used to like some game that jacks were important and I can't Rememwber that name of that game now ... It was played with partners though ... This is driving me NUTZ I can't Rememwber what it was called. My brain is broken :( that's fine 

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Jaimie  JT
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lol yeah :) it was very much accepted in my 20s .... But bow that I'm in my 30's and dating a " sigh " grown up ... He doesn't think my over the top gloating or temper fits are good for our " grown up " relationship :/
Didge Doo
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Haven't you tried to educate him? Mrs Didge would never let me get away with being stuffy.
Yin And Yang
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It only FEELS broken because you have not properly "watered" it tonight my friend...... you know.... with the staying sober and all..... LOLOLOLOL!
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Lard Ass answered

International rummy! I like poker, just haven't played it much!

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Ancient Hippy answered

Strip poker.

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Didge Doo answered

Poker, Pontoon (aka Blackjack), Slippery Sam (that one's a bit deadly), Euchre, and Cribbage.

I'm sure I'd enjoy Bridge, too, but kept away from it because I can't afford any more time-consuming addictions. :/

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Dear Y&Y,

Well no one has mentioned pinochle yet; so even though I have not played it for fifty years, I will say pinochle. This is double pinochle, when you get both queens of spades and both jacks of diamonds, and it is worth 300 points!

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Why Poker, of course. You should know that Pilgrim !

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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

I've always enjoyed Texas Hold em'. The last game I played was against my wife, her brother, and his friend. Yep, I cleaned them out!

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Levi F. answered

Poker is the only card game I've ever been any good at, though I also do like rummy. Also, BS is a fun card game to play with a big group.

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Olivia Skumps answered

Card games have always been popular in the Indian subcontinent, with rummy being the most favored one. I am also a great fan of this amazing mind game . I started playing rummy as a child. The world of colorful cards to be meld into sequences and sets used to give me and my siblings an adrenaline rush.

Even today, rummy is my favorite card game for the sheer thrill it involves. It is a real test of one’s patience, prudence and memory. Moreover, it is really amusing too. I pursue it as a hobby and it does solve the main purpose of a hobby as it makes me forget everything else and acts as a great stress buster.

And now with the online version available, it gives me a way to make money as well, all the while posing challenge to my brain and at the same time entertaining me. I need not look for fellow players as I can play Rummy Onlineanywhere and anytime. Especially when I am travelling, it is my best buddy that makes my journey enjoyable.

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Mariem Preskott answered

I love to play board and card games and my favorite card game is rummy, and it is not without reason that it is so. Rummy is a traditional card game that is being played in the country for many decades. I have also been playing it since my childhood. Let me share some facts about the game that make me like it so much:

  • It is a skill game. You have to use your brain and memory to properly play it. I love racking my brain. So, I love rummy.
  • It can be played by 2–6 players.
  • Each player gets 13 cards which have to be formed into proper combinations. For example- 3, 4, 5 of the same suit or at least 3 cards with the same number/face but different suits.
I also like playing https://slotstory.com/slot-catalog/apollo-god-sun/

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