What is your favorite board game or card game?


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My family used to play Pinochle at every family gathering.  It lent itself nicely to the size of crowd.  I'll choose that.  Not because it's my favorite game, but because of the memories it brings.

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Scrabble. I love word games, with friends. :)

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Party games you say?

Here are two good party games that don't require any props (save a deck of cards for the second one), board or pieces and can be played by a lot of (possibly intoxicated) people at once.

  1. The Psychologist.

One person (who hasn't played the game before) is chosen to be the Psychologist, and must by asking questions determine what is wrong with the “patients” in the room.

The psychologist leaves the room as the patients decide on what their “secret” is.

[SPOILER] A good “secret” is to answer all questions as if you were the nearest other “patient” to your left. [/SPOILER]

2. Mafia.

I believe a variant of it is known as Werewolf.

Basically, it's a game of whodunnit where some of the players have secret roles (several mafiosi depending on total number of players, a doctor, a detective in the version I played.)

Everybody gets dealt a card, Jack of spades is the detective, a queen is the doctor and the kings are mafioso, say (you prepare a deck of the special cards and enough lower cards (regular good guys) for the amount of participants.

Every “night” (everybody closes their eyes), first the mafioso will get to open their eyes and decide on a participant to “kill”, then the detective gets to “check” if someone is a mafioso or not (game master will nod/shake head), then the doctor gets to “heal” somebody.

Then it's morning an everybody gets to open their eyes. The announcer states that tonight, a murder has occurred, and names the person the mafioso chose, who are henceforth out of the game. (If the doctor and the mafioso chose the same person, it's “attempted murder” and the person gets to keep playing)

Then in the “day” there is great discussion and wild accusations until the players nominate someone to send to prison (=out of the game).

This is repeated until either all mafiosi are out (good guys win) or the mafiosi form a majority of remaining players (mafioso win as they can then overtly vote out the other non-mafiosi).

A boardgame version of the same basic mechanic is Battlestar Galactica.

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