What Are Fun Things To Do When Your Friend Comes Over?


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Me and my friends prank call people, ride on the bikes, do makeovers blind folded, do makeovers not blind folded, go into town, gossip, (if boys are at the house too we do funny dares eg. Kissing etc.) camp out in the garden at night time, go swimming, watch tv, watch movies, make cakes, go boweling, talk, go for a walk, go to the park, go on msn and facebook, mess around, get into trouble and make a mess
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Watch tv
go outsideand pretend your homeless
Make crafts
watch movies
play crazy makeovers
  play suprise foods
get on the en ternet
ride the lawn mower around the yard
  play hide and seek in the dark
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We will normally play lots of games and these days, we are all into mobile
gaming. We have an arcade platformer that we really enjoy on our devices: https://itunes.apple.com/en/app/electricity-run-game/id963759829?mt=8 and we play to beat each
other’s high scores! At times, if one of my pals has an Android phone, we will
help him look for something on the play.google.com store and if it’s to be
found on iOS, we will all get it and have tons of fun. Otherwise, we also enjoy
watching some of the latest movies and Netflix is where we find what we
normally want! For more help, you can consult this board: https://www.pinterest.com/paigepositively/fun-things-to-do-with-friends/. Hope this helps and have a

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My all time favorite game to play with my friends at the beach or wherever is chubby bunny. Its sort-of messy because of the marshmellows but its fun.
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When my freind savannah comes over we like to swim play the wii and make food .
I have a question though how do you get your mom to play a board game with you.

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