I Have A Ten Dollar Bill From 1950 With A Upside Down Flag On The Back How Much Could I Get For It?


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The answer that states "It would be impossible for the flag on top of the treasury to be upside down.  The flags are tiny to begin with.... IS NOT TRUE!.    I too have a 1950 C Ten dollar bill and you can see both flags on top of the treasury building just fine. I have asked LOTS of people to take a look and ALL say they can see that flag in the front of the building is upside down and the one on the right is right side up.  You can see the outline of the stars area and the stars clear as day.    The answer to the question below;  "Expert: Manning Garrett - 12/28/2009  Question  I have a 1950 series C ten dollar bill with a upside down flag on the back on top of the U.S. Treasury building, how much is it worth?"    The Answer is;  No one knows. If a person tells you that they do, they may just be out to get their hands on something that is VERY,VERY RARE.  Remember, the less info that you see on the world wide web, the better the chance that you have something that is worth lots of cash.$$$$$  I have spent years asking people to take a look,just to make sure I was not seeing things, and as far as the dealers, although they can not tell me much info about it, Nor how much it may be worth, they ALL are quick to ask me to sell it to them. LOL  I would not take less than $50,000 and a bad day.  I can't even find one listed for sale anywhere. Nor where one was ever sold.  :)  I hope this answer helps you out.
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You could possibly get at least 59 dollars for it.
1 dollar a year.
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The Brichtree comment is crazy!!! They have no idea what they are talking about. I would bet they have never seen one nor can they show how they come up with this $ 59 dollars. That is a joke.
Hold on to that ten dollar bill. I would not take less than $10,000+ for mine.
Every dealer that I have let look at mine offered me huge amount of cash for mine. They all had never seen one like it ever. Some of the dealers have been in the biz for over 30 years.

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