How Much Is A 1950 B Series 10 Dollar Bill With No In God We Trust?


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Lynn Blakeman answered

Unfortunately a 1950s $10 bill would only be worth between $12 - $15 depending on how worn it is.

The reason for the missing 'In God we Trust' is that the motto wasn't added to paper money until late in 1950s and early 1960s. This was due to the Cold War's fear of 'Godless communism'

As there are likely to be many bills still in fairly good condition from this era, it's unlikely that there'll be an overwhelming demand for a 1950 B Series 10 Dollar Bill. 

It's also normally not necessary to provide a bill's serial number when inquiring about its value. Serial numbers rarely affect a bill's value although some collectors will pay more for numbers with a unique pattern like 12345678 or low numbers such as 00000012

I'm sorry the news isn't better, it may be worth more to you as a sentimental value keepsake.

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