How Much Is A 1950 100 Dollar Bill With A Star Worth?


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Hi Buzzing, If it were in Very Fine condition it could bring about $125 at best.
The star note is a replacement note used by the Bureau of Engraving and
Printing when a defect or error is found on the regular run of notes. There is
no replacement of specific serial number instead they replace (blocks of
notes <Damaged> with the newest star notes.) Since less then 1% of notes
need replacement star notes are scarce. However, they are not rare since
they are printed by the thousands or millions. Only 12% of any series of
notes have a star so the value of the notes will depend on the run series and
its condition.
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How much is a 1950 Series E $100 bill with a STAR in the serial number worth? It is in good condition with no holes, 2 creases and only 2 slight tears,neither reaching the green color border. Serial # B01337347 STAR

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