What Is A Hank Williams, Sr Autograph Worth?


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Country and western musician Hank Williams autograph is both very desirable and also very rare. This is partially due to Hank Williams death at the age of 27, meaning he only had a short time in fame to sign autographs unlike other stars who have decades and decades.
A Hank Williams autograph on eBay currently sells for in excess of $700, this would be a large amount of money for a country star and probably on of the highest aside from perhaps that of Patsy Cline; who also died at quite a young age.
The hardest thing to prove or for that matter check when purchasing an autograph is the validity of the signature. This can make the difference between the autograph being worth absolutely nothing and obviously a substantial sum of money. There are plenty of autograph companies out there who will examine photographs and determine whether they are real or false.
If you are the owner of an autograph there is no harm in doing this as you will receive a document of authenticity and so the autograph will be proven to be real. You can also get appraisals of your autographs which will show their worth and how much they will be worth in the future, this can let you determine whether you wish to sell your autograph now or later.

Obviously the price of an autograph depends on its condition. Smudged or lightly damaged autographs will cost a lot less than perfect ones in glass cases, so use your discretion when selling or buying autographs

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