Where Can I Find A Manual For A Janome Model 108 Sewing Machine?


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Lynn Blakeman answered

I found a downloadable manual for your machine on Home-appliance.needmanual.com so hopefully you will be up and running very soon!

Apparently Janome is the brand to have, as feedback online is very favourable. I am always a little skeptical when it comes to brands I am not familiar with, and I grew up with my mother using the Singer brand. However, times have changed and while Singer is still a great make, Janome offer the biggest range of machines on the open market.

Formerly known as New Home, Janome are the same company that made Kenmore machines which have a very good reputation for longevity.

Your machine looks really good actually, I see it can do 11 stitches
including buttonholes which I think is a really clever thing to be able
to do on a sewing machine. Also, overcasting is a very useful feature as
I find that many hems seem to fray when I am turning them up by hand.

So maybe it's time I got a machine too and started a new hobby :-)

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