Where Can I Find The Owner's/instruction Manual For A Tailor Professional Model 834 Sewing Machine?


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Well, well! The owner/instruction manual for the Tailor Professional Model 834 sewing machine proved very difficult to track down.

After much Googling searching of sewing and haberdashery forums I have found that no such manual exists. This is because the Tailor Professional 834 sewing machines are actually the same machines as the Singer 834.

The machines were produced in Poland and a large quantity of them were remarketed as Tailor Professional models by another company. As you can see from the images below:

Singer 834

Tailor Professonial 834

Singer Owner Manual Can Be Used

Happily, the owner manual for the Singer 834 can be used in relation to the Tailor Professional. An Adobe version of this manual can be downloaded for free from the Singer website here

Hope this helps!

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