What Are The Mechanics In Sci Damath?


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The sci damath board game, which is a mathematical variation of the popular game draughts, firstly must be set up correctly for the mechanics of the game to function. Different squares on the board feature alternating mathematical functions: Multiply, divide, add and subtract. When playing the game, scores are given depending on the score at each stage. A score will be processed according to the mathematical function that a piece has landed on. Sci damath is very simple to understand, and is also fun for young children to play.

  • The benefits of bringing games into the classroom.
Games such as sci damath bring an element of fun into the learning experience. This allows students to see subjects such as mathematics from a different dimension, encouraging them the further develop their academic abilities. Fun educational games are highly recommended to those who are struggling with their studies. The games provide a different approach to learning, which may be more suited to the child in question. Children are encouraged to see mathematics from a new perspective and are sure to find it much less dull and boring than before.

  • Educational games: A kinaesthetic approach
Educational games like sci damath provide a kinesthetic approach to learning, which by many is considered an alternative method. Kinesthetic learning is, in simple terms, 'learning by doing'. It is particularly effective with younger students, who often are not yet mental developed enough to learn from books or dictations. It is also great for those with learning difficulties or conditions such as dyslexia. Kinesthetic learning is also used outside the classroom. An apprenticeship could be considered a kinesthetic learning experience, as the apprentice is learning about their trade by watching their master and getting involved.

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