What Are The Rules For Electro Sci-dama?


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Unfortunately there is not too much information about electro sci-dama however I can inform you of the rules to play thermo sci-dama which may be similar.

  • The aim of the game is to try and get the lowest score possible in order to win. Each game is 20 minutes long and each player involved only has 1 minute each to make a decision on the board.
  • Once you've caught a piece you will need to do whatever the square you landed on is telling you to do. For example, if the sign on the square is a plus or subtract sign then you will have to either add or subtract the number you captured to the number you began with. If you find that the number you need to subtract is significantly larger than your original number, then you will be recorded as NS which is 'no score'.
  • You'll notice that the units involved in this game are degree Celsius (C), grams and degree Celsius (g.C) and grams (g). You are not permitted to do any calculations on two numbers that are not of the same unit. However, if you capture a piece that is a C and your original piece is a g, then you must multiply the numbers together to get g.C. However, this is quite rare.
  • During the game you should be recording in columns how many of the units and their values you have collected along the way. Once the game has finished you'll need to add the amounts in each column and then add the g and C total together. If you have any in the g.C column you should multiply that number with the sum of the two other columns. The player with the lowest score will win the game.

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