What Are The Rules Of Sci-dama?


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This math board game uses a typical chess or checkers board, as well as little chips printed with numbers that help players to keep score and to solve math problems. Each player vies for the lowest score in this interesting and unique game, which is a little different from most typical board games. In the game, the best mathematician will probably win, as long as he or she has a little bit of ability to make strategies and move across the board properly.

  • Math skills are needed

Multiplication, addition, subtraction and division problems are given to each player (in turn); the correct answers will allow players to continue moving across the board, where they will put down and pick up chips as they go. There is a time element in this game, and players are encouraged to think fast and act fast, in order to meet deadlines. This sort of pressure adds a little excitement, as things move quickly, and players strive to solve equations based on the numbers found on each of the 24 board game chips used in Sci Dama.

  • This game is fun for many

Anyone who loves math and does well at it will probably really enjoy playing Sci Dama - however, those who struggle to solve math equations quickly and accurately will probably find the game a little bit annoying or stressful. However, the game does have benefits for those who traditionally consider themselves to be terrible at math - in fact, it's quite educational, and it can assist people in honing their math skills, which may help them to do better in class work based on the principles of math division, adding, subtracting, and multiplying.

Sci Dama is based on the Pinoy style of board game, and its rules are quite easy to understand. Basically, solving math problems and moving around a board are the main tasks in this educational and interesting math skills board game. Many teachers use the game to help their students enjoy learning math.

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