What Are The Rules For Clue Jr?


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The game is designed for two to four players ages 5 to 8. The object of the game is to figure out which child is in which room with which pet. Like the adult version, Clue Jr. Takes place in a mansion, but instead of trying to find out who committed the murder with what weapon and where, kids are trying to discover where a child is hiding, which child it is and what pet they have with them.

The game includes four movers for the players, as well as four cards with mysteries on them (a total of 16 different mysteries, making game play somewhat limited). Players start by picking a mover and taking a sheet of the detective note pad and a pencil (not included). The card with the mystery in question is placed in the clue revealer sleeve with the door closed.

Each player puts his mover on the colored start space that matches his mover. The youngest player goes first and play moves to the left.

To move, just spin the spinner and go as many spaces as it says in any direction. If there is already a player in the space you would end up in, skip that space. But if you want to see the room that person is looking into, wait in the space in front of the room and look into the room before you roll the dice on your next move.

When you end your turn in front of a room, you can turn the keyhole and look into the room to see which child and which pet are inside. Mark the child, the pet and the room off on your detective pad. Don't let the other players see what is inside the room.

When you have seen enough rooms that you're ready to guess which child and pet are hiding in which room, announce that you're ready to solve the mystery. Say your guess and look at the mystery card to see if you are right.

If you aren't right, put the card back so the other players can try to solve the mystery. If you are right, you win!

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