What is the arrangement of the polynomial damath chips?


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  • Where to look

You will find information on this site that could be useful to you; you can download a variety of arrangements for the DaMath chips: http://www.scribd.com/doc/19524176/DAMATH.

It is a manual that takes the rules of the game and integrates some math and science modifications.

  • What is DaMath?

DaMath is a Filipino two player board game that looks like checkers but is played by using math.

  • How to play

Two players take turns to make a move using chips. They are allowed one minute per move, and this includes making their calculations in order to be able to move. Their score is recorded on a score sheet.

The objective is remove your opponent's chips, and to do so the 'taker' chip jumps over the 'taken' chip and uses any of the four symbols +, x, -, and รท, where the taker chip lands.

A chip is said to be 'dama' if it lands in any of the following opposing player's squares: (1,0); (3,0); (5,0) or (7,0). In the same way, the opposing player's chip is 'dama' if it lands on any of the following: (0,7); (2,7); (4,7) or (6,7).

It is possible for a 'dama' chip to move diagonally as long as the opponent's chip is not blocking the way. It can take a chip, or chips, if its corresponding sum, product, difference or quotient is doubled.

If an ordinary chip manages to take a 'dama' chip, its score is doubled.

  • How the game ends

The game comes to an end in a number of different ways and these are: When the game has lasted for 20 minutes; if the moves are repetitive; if a player has lost all of his chips; or if an opponent's chip is cornered.

The chips that are still on the board are added to the players' respective score, with any dama chips having their score doubled. The player with the highest score wins.
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Here is a description of polynomial damath along with other versions. The board looks the same. The pieces are different.
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what are the chips of polynimial damath?

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