How Much Is A1935 Silver Buffalo Nickle Worth?


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So, it only worth .25 cents?.  Thank you.
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As a dealer, I wouldn't pay more than 25 to 50 cents for a 1935 buffalo nickel in AG3 condition, since I'll only be able to sell it for a dollar to $3, but of course, $3 would be the absolute most I could get for it as a dealer. If it were in G4 condition, than I'd probably be able to get $3-$5 for it, possibly more if the coin is such a nice G4 that it borderlines on VG8, but is not quite that good, therefore, if I were to buy a 1935 Buffalo nickel in G4 condition, I would probably buy it for 75 cents, possibly even a dollar, unless I'm buying buffalo nickels in bulk, than I'd pay a flat 25 cents apiece for them regardless of their condition (excluding dateless coins, those I pay alittle more than face value or just under melt, whichever happens to be higher).

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