Where Are All The Golden Corral Buffet's In New York?


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In the state of New York there are three Golden Coral Restaurants in total, however none of these are in central New York City. From New York City it is a minimum of a 2 _ drive. The details of these three restaurants are below.

Locations of The Golden Corral Buffet's New York

  • Wilton New York, 15 Old Gick Road, 12866 - This restaurant is approximately 179 miles from New York City and will take about 3 hours to drive there up Route 87.

  • Queensbury, 75 Quaker Road, 12804 - This restaurant is approximately 201 miles from New York City and will take about 3 _ hours to get there. Again this is up Route 87.

  • Colonie, 1901 Central Avenue, 12205 - This restaurant is about 152 miles from New York City and so is the closest of the three. Again it is up Route 87 but near Albany and will take 2 _ hours.

Golden Corral restaurants are quite spread out and there are none very close to New York City. In addition to those above, the closest are one in Massachusetts, eight in Pennsylvania and three in New Jersey. Again all of these restaurants are a good few hours away, so I'm afraid there are no Golden Corral Restaurants particularly close to New York City. Keep an eye on their website though as they are opening new stores all the time.

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