Are There Any Golden Corral Restaurants In New England ? If Yes, Where Are They Located ?


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If we take New England to consist of New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island and Connecticut, then there is only one branch of Golden Corral in New England.

The sole Golden Corral in New England can be found at 436 Parker Street, Springfield, Massachusetts, 01129. The restaurant is near Loon Pond, not far from US Route 20.

Where Are The Other Golden Corrals?

Golden Corral has over 500 branches in 41 states. The first was founded in Fayetteville, North Carolina in 1973, one of 52 branches the company has in that state. The state with the most Golden Corrals is Texas with 66, followed by Florida with 55.

As far as the greater area of the north-eastern US is concerned, Maryland has 12 Golden Corrals, New York has 4 and Pennsylvania has 9 branches.

This film shows you the sort of food you can expect to find at a Golden Corral buffet:

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