Where Can I Find A Golden Corral Buffet Restaurant On Long Island NY ?


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The best way for you to find the exact location of a Golden Corral buffet restaurant on Long Island, NY would be to use the Internet to log onto the Golden Corral website. There if you look down the left-hand side of the screen, you will see a large blue button that says ‘find a restaurant’. If you click on this a separate window will open with a map when you can search by address, state and by ZIP code. If you use this you will know exactly where to go on your night out.

If you use this restaurant locator, you will also be able to view the restaurants opening and closing times and the days that they are open. The restaurant’s phone number will also be listed on the website so you will be able to make a reservation if you wish.

There are in fact three Golden Corral buffet restaurants in the state of New York, one in Queensbury on Quaker Road, one in Saratoga Springs and one in Colonie on Central Avenue. However there doesn’t appear to be one on Long Island.

A new addition to Golden Corral is that they now do deliveries and take out. So if you use the restaurant locator available on their main website to locate their nearest restaurant you can always order your food to eat in the comfort of your own home if you don’t fancy eating anywhere else.
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In Freeport, Merrick, Long Beach or Wantagh
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No.  There are no Golden Corral restaurants in Rhode Island.  Springfield Ma is probably the closest one with the ones in New York and New Jersey coming in for the next closest ones.
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I live in mastic in long island new york and I want to find a golden corral restaurant please help me I have been looking for a long time now thak you
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You can't they  are afraid we will  eat them broke...

   I love long island and golden corall...

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