How Much Does It Cost For Golden Corral Buffet?


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The price can vary per state and based on what time you go to Golden Corral.

  • You may pay between $10 and $14 for the buffet
Based on Colorado, the lunch prices are $8.53 with tax in the Aurora area. This does not include a drink. A drink brings the price to $10.68. These are the adult prices, and these are for a specific area. Since each state and most cities have different taxes, you may pay more than $10.68 for a buffet and drink at lunch.

The dinner costs are $10.38 for just the adult dinner. If you add in a drink the cost becomes $13.38. Always remember that this is for the adult dinner based in a specific city, in a specific state.

Depending on where you live you may pay more or less. For example, some individuals pay $7.19 before tax for the lunch buffet. If they add in a drink and tax it is closer to $10.

This is why the average shown above is $10 to $14 for the Golden Corral Buffet based on adult prices. Children tend to eat less, so they are usually a dollar or more less than the adult price.

  • Consider contacting your local restaurant
If you want an exact answer the best thing to do is find the number for the restaurant you are considering going to. The person on the other end will not hesitate to tell you the cost of the buffet with tax/drink etc.

  • Discount coupons
This will help you determine the costs in your area. The buffet can be found cheaper if you have a coupon. There are coupons available online and from local sources that may help you spend less at the Golden Corral if money is a factor.
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It may vary from state to state. In Texas, with the senior discount, it is about $10 a person, including a drink.
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18 person how much per head on sunday around 1pm.on jan.17.
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Right now they're doing a promotion where lunch is $4.99, M-F, drinks are still $1.89.  But, if you have a Home Town Buffet in your area, they are doing the same thing and the drink is included in the $4.99.

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