When Were Diving Helmets Invented?


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Diving helmets were invented in 1823, by an Englishman called Charles Deane. Interestingly, he did not actually set out to invent a diving helmet. Instead he was working on a project to devise a smoke helmet, so that firemen would be safe when fighting a fire.
It was called a 'smoke helmet' and was made of metal. However, it was far from successful. Due to the fact that it was metal when used in a fire fighting scenario it actually heated up. So the firefighters ended up being extremely hot and had to carry round a heavy metal which trapped the heat, leading quickly to exhaustion and de-hydration. Which meant they would not wear it.
Disappointed by his lack of success, Deane was eager to re-coup the money which he had invested in the helmet and found out that it could be used underwater in salvage operations: and so the diving helmet was invented.

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