When Was Swimming Invented?


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Presumably, the first man who survived a deep river crossing! Certainly, there is considerable mention of swimming in ancient Greek tales, such as Leander swimming the Hellespont. As a sport, it grew slowly in the 19th century, being featured in the first modern OLympic Games in 1896, but only a a single race at each lenght, with stroke being freestyle. By the 1900 Olympics, the races included a separate backstroke event, and by 1904 the breaststroke was added. The last style to be included in the Olympics was butterfly, introduced at the 1952 Helsinki Games and previously having been allowed in the breaststroke class.
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Err...I'm sure that this will be a contridictory answer , but I don't think it was ''invented''...per say.
It's been turned into a sport and subsidized into many sections or areas , such as butteryfly , breastroke , etc.

That's kinda like asking who invented tobacco.

I think that sums it up....

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