Is Swimming Better Than Soccer?


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Lorna Clay answered

DEFINITELY!!! Swimming is a sport where you can do it as a team or an individual unlike soccer, you can either do it competitively, relaxed or splashing with mates! Whereas soccer isn't exactly relaxing...  It also helps with stamina! I'm a competitive swimmer but ever since I started swimming I've become really good at cross country! I've been cross country champion of my country two years in a row! So yeah!, it's ace!

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Karl Sagan answered

Okay, swimming is healthier but soccer can assist you in future life. For example, I played soccer and now I can do successful stakes on soccer while friends need to watch for the score.

Mike J Profile
Mike J answered
In my opinion, it is. I do not like to play soccer, swimming is easier and to me more fun to do.
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Kelly Koontz answered
Yes. In swimming you don't get kicked and in soccer you do. In swimming you go back and fourth once or twice, in soccer you go back and forth back and forth getting worn out the entire time.
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48occer is MUCH better than swimming, in swimming you can drown and die! SW3.615641
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Swimming stinks . Hahhaha , woo soccer rocks ! You can drown when you swim but you can't drown when you kick a ball around !

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