What Equipment Do You Need For Scuba Diving?


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In order to go scuba diving the basic equipment required would include a mask; snorkel; fins; booties; mitts and hood; the required we suit; weight belt in addition to enough weights; BCD, that is, Buoyancy Control Device. You will also require a special regulator; tanks; dive tables; along with repair kits, oxygen kits and first aid kits. Also required are secondary accessories such as a sheath, knives, collection bag, dive flag and dive float. There are other items that you may potentially require such as specialty equipment like cameras and lights. Finally you will need a C-card and logbook.

This is just a general checklist and you might require a few other items depending on your dive. Remember to take items for the time you will spend in the boat such as sunscreen, towels and medication to prevent sea sickness.

What you need to keep in mind is that this is an expensive and vital investment so it would be advisable to do extensive research before making a commitment. One option is to browse through the brands locally available and chose the best brands that fall within your budget.
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Janis Broadwater
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At my dive shop we provide whatever you need to have a safe/comfortable experience... you provide your own beach gear (towels,sunblock,sunglasses etc..) Once you are certified, you can rent ...folks rarely travel by air with tanks and weights..It's nice to have your own mask/snorkel/fins..(a poorly fitted mask can ruin your well as uncomfortable fins)
For me, it's all about the regulator. Breathing is everything

As for the biggest expense?'s got to be "The Boat".

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