How To Find The Value Of Paper Currency That Has Two Different Serial Numbers On It? A Five Dollar Bill And A Twenty Dollar Bill Was Overlapped.


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You have one of the rarest currency finds known to the numismatic world! I only know of one other find like this and it is estimated to be worth tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars (and that one is in horrible condition). I suggest that you do the following ASAP!!! First go to this website, and look around for an email address so that you can contact the company (PCGS), and ask about how to get it submitted. I also suggest that you contact a company called Heritage auctions ( Explain to them what you have with lots of detail, also tell them that you don't know how to get it authenticated and graded. With a find this rare, it is likely that THEY will pay to have it certified as authentic and graded. If it is genuine, and after you get it graded and certified, then go ahead and sell it through heritage auctions. I highly suggest selling it through H.A. Because they are known for selling extremely rare coins and currency notes, so there will be more people there to bid on your currency note. Until you get it graded and certified find two big heavy books. After you do that lay out your note flat between the two books. I hope to see your note up for sale soon!
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If you are describing a US Treasury Note, then you have an impossibility. This could not have been printed by the US Government.
Take it to a local bank and I believe you will find it to be a counterfeit or a hoax.

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