I Have A Single Dollar Bill That Is From Series 1957. Does It Has Any Value Beyond Its Face Value?


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A 1957 silver dollar bill is worth approximately $1.25 to $4 depending on its condition, so it is only slightly higher than face value.

If you are looking to find the value of any other silver dollars or if you will in the future, then there are three different methods you can go through to find the specific values. Firstly, you could attempt to contact a currency professional. A currency professional can consist of a dealer, auctioneer or appraiser who specialises in paper money or coins. You should consult the Professional Currency Dealers Association’s membership directory to find a local dealer who will be able to examine your dollar bills in person. With regards to auctioneers and appraisers, they will be able to visit you to examine your dollar bill or they may locate guidebooks and references that have been published on their websites.

Another option you could choose is to contact collectors’ organisations. Coin clubs, state collectible groups, coin shows and national organisations can help you determine the value of silver dollars. To locate them you should look through club directories and also seek out non-profit collectors groups. In addition, you may want to check the Professional Currency Dealers Association calendar to find out when the next coin show is near to you. Moreover, The Society of Paper Money Collectors publishes a list of resources that aims to help you find assistance when determining how much your dollar bill is worth.

Lastly, why not have a look at a number of collectors’ publications such as ‘Coin News’ and ‘Collectors Weekly’ which will provide online guides to help you assess how much your note is worth. For example, offers various links to active currency auctions.
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A US dollar bill from 1957 is, indeed, worth more than its face value, but to find out precisely how much more, you should visit a numismatist. After some online research, it appears as though there is some disagreement as to how much a 1957 dollar bill is worth. According to one source, it is as little as $2, as it was a fairly common note, but someone else claimed that it might be worth as much as $35. A lot depends on which series the bill is from, such as series 'A', 'B', etc. I also found a $1 bill from 1057 in UNC condition, on sale on eBay for $2.59.

A lot depends on the condition of your note. If it is in uncirculated (UNC) condition, it should be worth more than if it has been circulated and if it is torn, or tattered at the edges. I recommend that you take your bill to a store that sells old currency and stamps, as a specialist should be able to give you a more precise figure.

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