What Is Value Of 2 Dollar Bill Series 1928 D?


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The two dollar bill that you have is part of the 1928 series. This was the first issue of small sized currency printed and released by the United States government. These were the first notes to be standardised in terms of design and characteristics. To get the most accurate value of your specific bill it is highly recommended that you visit a coin dealer. They will be able to make a judgement based on the condition of your note. It is possible to find some average values online. Most suggest that a two dollar bill from series 1928 D is worth, in mint condition, between $2 and $8. If the note is uncirculated then it could be worth $30. Ebay is a good place to look if you want to find the going rate of your bill or coin, many collectors and buyers use ebay as a way to sell and purchase coins so it is likely to have some of the most recent values.

The note may be worth more money if it is considered collectible. In current United States currency, regardless of the denomination, a bill is seen to be collectible if it has an interesting pattern in the serial number, there is a star in the serial number or if the bill appears to have some sort of error. These errors could include an ink spot, missing the third printing, improper cutting or mismatched numbers.

The 1928 series of two dollar bills were Federal Reserve Notes that featured a green Treasury seal. The changes made for series 1928D only affected the five dollar bills and all notes were issued by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Georgia. These five dollar bills are some of the rarest small size notes in existence today.
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I will suggest you to check with a local coins and collectibles dealer in your region. But you can also use the website www.ebay.com for finding out the value on the internet. If you have the one with red seal, it is currently worth 23.99 US dollars.
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I have a 1928 two dollar bill that a g series how much is it worth
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I have a 1928 D Two Dollar Bill what is it worth

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