I have a $15 1852 Presidents Bank note. What is it worth?


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Unfortunately, as fifteen dollar bills have never been printed and American bank notes were only introduced in the 1860s, it seems your $15 1852 Presidents Bank note is some sort of fake. Indeed, it was never in official circulation. Only you know where the bank note came from, so it may be worth considering this, as the note could potentially still have some value. To find this out, take the bank note to a money or antique specialist. They will have the knowledge and experience to tell you whether or not your note has significant value.

  • Finding the values of old coins and notes

Finding out if a particular coin or note is valuable can be a tricky business. Even if you know for a fact the item in question does have antique value, it can be difficult to know what this is. The best way in which to find the value of an antique coin or note is to take it to a dealer - or preferably, a number of dealers. In this way you could gain an estimation of your item's value.

  • Selling antique coins and notes

If, upon discovering the value of your old note or coin, you would like to sell it, you will need to know how. The most convenient way in which to sell such as product would be to do so online, on an auction website such as E-Bay. Collectors often browse E-Bay and other auction sites in search of antique items. Alternatively, you could take your item to a live auction. Attendees will bid for your item, and it will go to the individual offering the highest price. Of course, selling your item via auction either online or at a live event will incur a cost, which may be a percentage of your earnings, so bear this in mind.

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