What is the value of a Presidents bank 5 dollar bill from 1852, copy?


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Well, after a lot of searching, looking and reading the opinions of a whole load of individuals, it has finally become clear. The suspicion was there right from the beginning, because the first dollar bills in the US were printed in 1862. They were created as a result of a financial crisis brought on by the Civil War. So then a search began for Confederate States of America bills. Again, a blank. The first note was issued in 1861.

  • Getting to the point
To cut a long story short, this Presidents Bank $5 1852 bill appears to be a replica. Having said that, the term replica infers that there should have been an original in the first place. As far as can be discerned, there never was one. But then, that is just the conclusion drawn after a couple of hours of research.

One never knows, the chance that there was one after all is, after all, still there. If it does turn out to be a real one, it could be worth something in the region of $45. As a replica, it really is not worth much. Still, it might be worth hanging on to. One never knows, one day even the replicas may be worth a fortune.

  • Future vision
Old coins and notes are increasing in price as they get more and more rare. Some old coins are already down to their last two or three specimens. Most transaction are being conducted via cards or e-banking already. With technology advancing at the rate it is, before long, there will be no more money.

Life will consist of a chip here, a pin there, who knows where it will lead us over the next two or three hundred years. It would be fun to see, there is no doubt.

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