I Have A Ancre 15 Rubis No 28542 By J F Boutte Poor Condition How Much Is It Worth?


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There is no price on the Internet that shows how much your watch could be worth. Below are a number of options that you can try to find out.

• Condition.

How much money your watch is worth will depend on the condition that you have kept it in. If you have worn it regularly and it is rather battered or has signs of being used then it will not fetch for as high a price as one that has been barely worn.

• Collectors.

If you are lucky and your brand of J F Bouette watch is considered to be rare or quite a good item to own, then it might be worth getting in touch with possible collectors who would be interested in purchasing your watch. The success of this venture will also depend on how common your watch is; if it is rare then collectors may be more interested in it.

A lot of collectors can be found by conducting a Google search.

• Antique shops.

Visit local antique shops in your town to see if the owners are interested in your watch.

• eBay and other online shops.

If you are looking to sell your watch, then eBay is a good place to get an idea of how much it will be worth. Visit www.ebay.com, type in the name of your watch into the search box and you will be shown results. Use the options down the left hand side to see if the search results that you get are any indication of how much you should be charging.

Unfortunately, the only way that you are going to be able to know for sure how much your watch will fetch for is by putting it on eBay. Maybe as a 'Buy It Now' item at the fixed price of your choosing. If someone snaps it up then, great! You've fetched a decent price. But if they don't, then this may show that you are charging too much.

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