What Animals, If Any, Are On Your Country's Coins?


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We have a combination of all the big five (Buffalo, Lion, Elephant, Rhino and Leopard), Presidents and all the mining industries on our notes and coins.  I have to say one thing and that is from all the places in the world I've ever been to that there are only one country who's money looks nicer then SA money and that is the Maldives otherwise SA has made a lot of effort when it comes to the design of their money.
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Mostly human animals and a buffalo.
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chou Lily answered
I am a Chinese.And no animals are on my country's coins.
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Some American coins show the Bald Eagle... Other than that I have two coins from Australia, one has a kangaroo and the other platypuses, Mexico has an Eagle of some kind grabbing a snake in its mouth. I also have an old some Romanian coins with a two headed bird behind a shield. That's about all I can think of right now.
Also, America used to have Buffalo nickles, and buffalo still show up on a few of the commemorative state coins issued in the recent years
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Now that the you S has started minting coins to honor each of the fifty states, animals are plentiful. There are birds, bears, fish, horses, buffalo, oxen, and cows. These are issued for general circulation, but only minted for a short time, and meant as collector items. They will eventually disappear from circulation.
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The beaver
the queen
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LOL, you already know that no country can match your country's beauty as far as coins are concerned. We do have some statehood quarters that have some animals. Alaska's bear; Louisiana's pelican. Wisconsin's cow (famous for cheese), South Dakota's pheasant.
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Here in horrible Quebec, for the nickle, it is the beaver, for the quarter, it is the moose, for the loonie, it is the loon, & for the Toonie, it is the polar bear.

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