Where I Play Chess Without Signing Up?


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You can play them free in a form of a computer game in Msn or Yahoo  Email, when you are chatting with your friends. You could also play other game website like Miniclip etc.
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Well, if you have a yahoo email, then you can play chess against people online. Also check if your cpmputer's games has chess or just search up play free chess on google.
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You can search it online. I think they have chess on, or
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Maybe play it in actuality, in real life and not on a computer. Just about any Senior Center or rest home would welcome you to play with the old folks there. They could always use FRESH MEAT, as they say, and it would be a real challenge for you to hone your skills with these old pro's.
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Your username should be changed to doofis i'm not old! No calling me names like fresh meat but I apreshiate you trying to help.
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I did not mean to infer that you were old, I was basically informing you of a place to play and bring some joy to your elders at the same time. I do not appreciate your thumbs down rating for my attempt to help you out. I will be sure in the future to avoid your questions entirely. Good luck and good blurting to you.

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