How Do I Check If A 1985 Hundred Dollar Bill Is Real?


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  • How do I check if my hundred dollar bill is real?
The easiest way to find out if your money is real is to simply take it to the bank or the post office and the specially trained professionals will instantly be able to tell if it is real or not. This is the quickest and easiest way to find and you will be 100% sure if it is real or not within seconds.

  • Counterfeit pens
One of the best ways to check if any note is real is with a money checking pen. These can be bought in very good stationary stores, at cash and carry stores, stores that sell products specifically for shops or online. The pen has a special type of ink inside it and when this ink is drawn across a piece of regular paper it will show up either blue or green. When the ink is drawn across money it will either be clear or have a slightly yellow tinge. This is a clear indicator that it is real and there is no way that it could be wrong so it is a sure way to establish it is real.

  • One hundred dollar bills from 1985
It may be more difficult to establish whether or not a note is fake from 1985 because these notes will not have the thin line running through them that we can now look for to establish whether or not they are real. The line is very difficult to fake so it is often used as a sure sign of legitimacy. You can look for tiny strands running through the note that almost look like threads through a cotton top.
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The lil red threads in da bill would be the best way to tell. . Seen fake bills pass the pen test so best way would be to do both tests and if you see the lil red threads in the bill your ok. . .

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