How Can You Tell If A 1977 Or 1981 Series $100 Bill Is Real Or Counterfeit?


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The Internet seems to lack a lot of information about old currency, their worth and how they can be differentiated from counterfeit bills. A good search on Google provides me with very little information and hence, I am going to have to give you some information that is able to allow you to find out whether your bill is counterfeit or genuine.

  • Dealers
Dealers are probably the best people to talk to when it comes to getting a valuation or to find out whether something is real or fake. Dealers are aiming to purchase something from you with a view to sell it for a profit. Obviously, they won't take that huge a risk and will not really buy valuable items unless they are absolutely sure that the items are genuine. Hence, it's important that the dealer is able to tell the difference between genuine items and very good fakes. By going to different dealers, and asking them what they think, you will be given a number of answers in relation to whether it is genuine or not.

The dealers may disagree but if many dealers seem to think that it is a counterfeit then the chances are they are right. It's not worth throwing away the note, though, as other dealers in the future may want to make you an offer for the note.

  • Forums
If you still don't know then you may want to visit some forums. Old currency forums will have many members that are experts in this field, and by signing up, you will be able to gain some valuable information about the bill. You will be able to ask a question and people will answer it for you willingly.

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