How To Tell A Real 1977 100 Dollar Bill From A Fake?


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One thing that you may wish to take into consideration is the place that you obtained the bill from, and whether or not it is a reputable and reliable source. For example, if you received it from the ATM at a bank, then the chances are that the bill is genuine. However, if it was received in a shop, or from a friend, then you may wish to do some further investigations into it.

Another, obvious clue that your 1977 hundred dollar bill may be a fake it the watermark, or ghost as some know it has; if it does not have one, then the chances are that it is counterfeit as all legal tender has one.

If you still have reason to be in doubt over the money that you have in your possession, then your best bet would be to take it into a local trustworthy bank and see what they say; after all, they do handle currency on a daily basis, and so should be able to spot a fake relatively easily.

  • About the 100 dollar bill

With a picture of Benjamin Franklin on one side, and the Independence Hall on the other, the average American 100 dollar bill is usually in exchange for around 89 months (or seven years) before it needs to be replaced for a new one due to general deterioration.

  • About Benjamin Franklin

Born in 1706, and dying later on in the century at age 84, Benjamin Franklin is one of the best known American inventor, experimenter and politician in history, coming up with the Franklin stove, discovering that electricity and lightening are the same and helping to further the course of American Independence.

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