How Much Is Liquid Mercury Worth?


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Unfortunately, this information is not readily available. Upon a search to find the answer it is said that 76 pounds is a standard flask and that a flask price can be anywhere from $650 to $700. Whether this is accurate data or not, you will have to determine.

In some locations liquid mercury is still used in dentistry for fillings. You may find it best to talk with a dentist or company that sells mercury to dentists in order to find out. The following link also had some information that might be helpful to you:, On this page it shows the metal prices for mercury as long as it is 99.99% pure. According to the chart it is possible to get between $1800 and $2000 for a flask of pure liquid mercury. The site seems to be a Chinese one, which is probably where most dentists are still using liquid mercury.

In the USA, liquid mercury is considered a dangerous metal that can cause harm if exposed to. Something else to keep in mind is that the rarer the metal in question and the more in demand the metal the better price you will get for it. If you have liquid mercury, you may want to contact your local government to find out more about it and what you can do in the way of selling it. Given its properties the metal may be impossible to sell depending on where you live.

Other ways to search out information for liquid mercury is to look up quick silver. Even though liquid mercury is not silver it has been known to be called quick silver because of its color and its liquidity. In the past mercury has also been used in thermometers, but even those have been long removed from store shelves in most developed countries.
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Depends on Market Value

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