How Much Is A White S34 Speedy Lock Serger Worth?


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On eBay, the Internet's premier online auction site, a white S34 Speedy Lock Serger is currently retailing for one hundred and twenty-five United States dollars. However, since the product is for sale at auction, the price may go up in time. Generally, a serger like this will not cost more than a couple of hundred of dollars. It's possible to find used models that will be more inexpensive, or to choose pricier, brand new machines. These machines will cut cloth edges while they sew, saving sewers and seamstresses from hand-cutting edges. Some serger machines, which are also known as over-locking sewing machines, come without cutters, but most do have built-in blades that slice clean edges as the machine sews.

Where To Buy Sergers

• Sewing supply stores will probably have the widest selection of Speedy (and other brand name) serger sewing machines. These types of sewing machines may also be available at chain department stores, such as Wal-Mart or Kmart.
• To get a deal on sergers, visit classified ad sites and see if anyone is selling the machine you want for a great price. However, if you do choose to shop off of Craigslist or another online classified ad service, be certain that you do your homework before you hand over any money. When emailing or phoning the seller, be sure to ask plenty of questions about the condition of the machine, whether or not it comes with accessories and instruction manuals, and whether it is under warranty. If you get the right answers, it may be worth meeting to check out the item.

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