How Much Is The Price Of Secondhand Elna Grasshopper Electric Sewing Machine?


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The price is very hard to set. All prices for vintage machines are hard to set. It depends on the availability of a machine, is the machine wanted in your area and are there a lot of these machines in your area or are they very hard to find. It all helps in the price.Search around in your area for different machines and look at the prices so you get an idea. Keep in mind that a lot of people sell machines that have been in the family so it has sentimental value to them. Unfortunately that generally means that they have no objective price.For the elna 1 ( grasshopper) Price also depends on which version you have. There are 3 versions of the elna 1. Of course the first one sells more expensive than the others. Also if there is low gear ( speed reducer) with these machines you will pay more because a lot of people want them with their grasshopper.Prices will also be higher if a machine is serviced before selling. If this is indeed the case this can save you hidden cost. Unfortunately a lot of the time nothing has been done to this machines

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