How Reliable Were The Golden Touch & Sew / Model 750?


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I learned to sew on mother's My Golden Touch & Sew / Model 750 about 1972 when I was in 6th grade. It served as the only machine my mother and I had until I moved out and she bought a new machine, giving the old one to me. Today, my daughter and I share that same machine. It's about 37 or more years old now (I think Mom had it a year or so before I started sewing) and it's still going strong. Dealers have always tried to tell me (and still do) that it wouldn't last long and I would soon be buying a new one. I just laugh. I've had to buy new cars, new refrigerators, new freezers, and new houses, but My Golden Touch & Sew 750 is extremely reliable and no where near the maintenance those other things have needed.

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