Will you buy Illinois lottery tickets for the next lottery? If you win more than $25,000, all you get is an IOU!


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Sounds.like they are going the way of Detroit

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Pretty much anywhere with an industry that gives work to people with little education has the potential to pull a Detroit. Look at Oakland for example. Wonderful city back in the day, until the Ports open for high wage unskilled labor. As soon as the industry left, all things went down hill. Oakland only picked up again recently thanks to educated workers moving in to work in SF and mass gentrification. My hometown in Kentucky on the hand, nothing is going to save that pile of coal.
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Thats why good government entices business
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Has more to do with the people. Seeing my relative In Kentucky and their neighbors, I can't see it ever amounting to anything. Even in places with bad rep like Chicago and Detroit, the educated and skilled are actually thriving.
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Does the Lottery actually say WHEN the payout will be, on the ticket?

If so ... Any delay is a breach of contract, and the winner could sue for damages.

It seems to me, the reason is pure Bovine Scat.  Most lotteries have to set up an escrow account for their money, until winners are paid.  The lottery should have the money in it's escrow account to pay the winner(s).

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Walt O'Reagun
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Has anyone asked them how they budget lottery revenue/payout, when (1) it's totally voluntary revenue and (2) there is no guarantee of any specific winning?

And the Comptroller not having authority to authorize payment of debts? Fishy.

I say they're playing "fast and loose" and somebody should file a lawsuit with the Federal Court.
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From what I understand, the state is broke, and if she sues, so will everyone else, State goes bankrupt, and her share of total owing will amount to nothing. If she sues and wins, she loses.
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All money is I owe you, on the top it says "I promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of Ten pounds" or Five pounds etc. Read your dollars it is the same. You need to find out if you can spend it like money.

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