If Someone Bought You A Lottery Ticket As A Gift And You Won, Would You Share The Prize With Them?


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jacques slabouz answered
If I won 10 mill.  I would give the seller of the ticket about 1%...thats a lot of money...and the purchaser 25%...(it was a gift to me...the winner..) and the only reason I got it was for the sake of the gift...(it's the thought that counts...so they say...lol.you look good if they win 10 mill. And you look like you tried for the best for them...If they lose...
Gene wright Profile
Gene wright answered
What lotto ticket.? You bought me a lotto ticket?
Excuse me, but I have a private jet waiting.
I'll drop yo'all a postcard from where ever the jet takes me.
Where is the jet going to go? I don't know yet, let you know later
when I'm out of country. Why are you asking me this stuff?
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Depends how much it was if it was a lot yes I would give them something
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I'd give them 50% of my after-tax winnings, regardless of the amount I won, even if I won US$400 MILLION.
kat Profile
kat answered
Sure! Atleast part of it.
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The Instigator answered
I'd at least pay them back the price of the lottery ticket.  I'm a "Cancer" and once I get my claws around something, I never let it go."
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Keith Old
Keith Old commented
Fair enough, Jackyl.
The Instigator
The Instigator commented
Watch me get the comments now. Hey! Who asked them to buy the ticket anyway? They buy something for me then expect a part of it? Indian givers
Merlin Paine Profile
Merlin Paine answered
If it was for, example, for ten million dollars then I would give them a million at least. I am an Aquarius and we are kind and generous to a fault.
John Profile
John answered
"if" I played it and won the lottery I would share with my family,friends,neighbors  and relatives.iv'e been waiting for publishers clearinghouse to give me my 10 million for 25 years but they never seem to knock on my door.
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It's funny how people mention that they would "only if it was a substantial amount."  How do they decide what amount is enough to share?  The moment you say something like that, you're already being selfish.  You never would have won if the person who thought of you did not buy you that ticket!  These are the same people who would sell their own mother if the price was right.
ly fen chen Profile
ly fen chen answered

Of course, I'd share with him/her if it 'd be a gift that he/she gave to me. As I thought,he/she brought luck to me, so if I won,why not,I could't share with him/her. We should be happy together,right ?.

Michelle Phy Profile
Michelle Phy answered
Of course. I would ask them to match me in my favorite charity though & give them extra for doing so. Maybe after donating they will like the way they can help & do it on there own when they can.
Glenn Greenwood Profile
Glenn Greenwood answered
Does that person expect it? Would it be inappropriate to buy them one? Of course I would, but I can't speak for the general populous. These are some things, I'm sure, others may consider.
Joan Profile
Joan answered
I absolutely would.  Not only would the original purchaser of the ticket get some cash so would my family and my church.  If the amount was large enough a few charities would benefit as well.

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