If You Won The Lottery Or Inherited A Lot Of Money, What Would You Do With It?


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   I would first sit down with my family and figure out how much money they would need to completely get themselves out of debt. Then build them all new homes, nothing fancy but whatever they needed and make sure the taxes are paid up to date maybe longer. For my Niece and Nephews, I would put fifty thousand dollars in a trust fund for each of them to draw from or completely withdraw at the age of 25yrs old, on the condition that they have graduated college or at least in college with a respectable GPA.
Then I would spend a lil on myself. Pay all of my medical bills which is basically all that I owe. Buy a small piece of land near Caverun or someplace like that. Build a small wooden cabin with a wrap around deck. So that I could sit on the porch and drink my coffee in the morning while the sun rises, and grill out on the back deck in the evening and watch the sunset.
Go back and finish school, further my education and graduate college, buy a small business and be my own boss. That's right I would still work. I think I would donate a reasonable amount of money to the Rural Schools in Eastern Kentucky so they could buy new computers and etc. I attended several different schools growing up wealthy and poor. Let me tell you there was a big difference.
Anyway,these are just a few things that I would do if I won the Lottery Or Inherited a lot of money. Hypethetically speaking.   

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I would do things for my family that I know are trying to make it but just barely doing so. Make sure my rent and utilities were paid up for a year. Then I would go to the grocery store, and when I see our elderly citizens buying mostly bread and milk, I would walk with them, have them pick out fresh veggies, meat and even a treat.  I would pay for it and move on.     Then the people I know who struggle to pay utilities and medicine /////take them a love offering..    These I would do monthly. There is never a shortage of people who just get by. I can just feel the joy in my heart now and wish I could make it come true.  I am a youngish widow on ss, retire from Nrsg. And someone did things for me, and I know that even having an extra ten dollars makes a poor person feel rich. When all the money is gone, I would be a happy blessed struggling widow again.
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I have a dear friend who is being forced to sell her house, so I would see that her mortgage would be paid in full.  I'd put money into my niece's and nephew's trust fund for college.  I'd be able to contribute to all those charities I haven't been able give to.  After that, I'm not really sure.  
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I would do the best I can for my family. They are always here for me and we are very supportive of each other....
Save most of it for educational purposes within my inner circle...
Invest most of it to ensure return on investments, give some to charity....
Travel...Have fun...!
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If I won that much money femployee people in my area and pay them nicirst Id build A really nice house for my children to grow up in.I'm waiting on a one shot deal leg reconstructive surgery I bet it would happen a lot faster If this were to happen to me .I would raise cattle,blueberries And a personal garden for myself and family[we like to eat fresh food]And with my cattle farm And blueberry farm we would ely.We would never want for anything again!!I would also Do what I could For the Hungry we have in our backdoor set up soup kitchens and then make everyone feel welcome to come.
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First of all, I will thank G-d for the windfall, then, ask HIM to grant me wisdom in the management of such amount of money.
Since I am in a very high state of excitement, under different pressures to buy this and buy that, I will take 3 days before I go to the Lottery Office to collect my cheque. During these 3 days, I will let my mind free to list anything I would always envy to buy (mercedes, sports car, luxirious house, boat cruises, trip around the world, gold necklace and diamonds for my wife, best restaurants, expensive wines, throwing a lavish party)..Then, when my mind is tired of looking for more things to buy, I will take a rest, and chase away any idea of shopping. I will take a white paper, draw 3 columns : On the left side I list those items I deem stupid, in the middle the un-necessary, and in the right the needed. I think, at this point of time, that the bulk of my initial list would be classified as stupid, then few will be un-necessary, and the only thing worthy is the gold necklace for my wife.
Of the $25,000,000.00 I have won, 10% will be set apart to be used as G-d commanded me for any tenth of my income.
Then, I divide the rest equally between me and my wife. I have a rule of 33-33-33-1. It means 33% stay in hard cash, 33% in safe investment such as treasury bonds and gold, 33% in business venture (1/3 real estate, 1/3 stock market, 1/3 reserve funds for these ventures), 1 % to pay for all my debts and to cover my usual expenses.
My goal is that 5 years from now, I will double my asset up to $50,000,000.00. Not all in cash, but in different form.
I'd like to emphasize that I am not quitting my current job, which is doing delivery (I am an independent, and drive my own truck); and I continue to use the money I earn from my work for my regular spendings, instead of taking from the lottery gain.
What could be a problem for me is if my neighbours know about it, and start to behave in a hostile manner. That way, I would move to a more discret, but decent place.
As for the big projects such as saving the world, I have no quick things to offer such as cash donation to charities or foundations. I rather will work for free for people who need a service of transportation during their moving. And, down-to-earth, if I run into homeless and hungry people, I will not give them money but good foods, like let's say a Trio Big Mac, or buy them a bit of grocery (cereals, milk, banana, sliced breads, tomatoe sauce, italian pasta, cheddar cheese, salads).
The long term goal for me is to build creating-job-infrastructures(schools, hospitals, factories) things that will profit many people and generation.
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Many people do the lottery each week, or even more than once a week, hoping and praying to win. They often ask themselves what they would do with the money, not really expecting to win.
A win of a million pounds would not be an overwhelming win and it could be used to either provide an interest income to enable the winner to give up work and still have a greatly improved way of life, or it could be treated as a windfall with a spend, spend, spend attitude.
Many lottery winners have said that the changes brought to their lives by the huge win have not really brought them happiness. Dolores McNamara, the Irish woman who won 77 million in the Euromillions lottery in 2005 is reported to be frightened and overwhelmed by all the interest in her. Not only has she found the press interest daunting, her family has been plagued with death and kidnap threats by people hoping to get some ransom or blackmail money.
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Same thing I said the last time I answered this question  10% off the top to the church and help family ,friends ,neighbors, and relatives anything leftover would go in the bank for a rainy day which we all seem to have a lot of these days....: )
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I would pay my house payments on time, but have the house put in my name first so I could work on my credit, and then I would pay the hubbys hospital bills to his heart doctor, and I would take my kids out individually to ask what they want, and decide which they can have, then I would donate to different charities. I love to help people and animals. So that would definitely be done, and I would go to Ireland to fish and vacation for a while.
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Will, I'll give some money to charity,pay my parent's house,
take the whole family on a family trip somewhere, && if I have
some money left over then I'll just save some for back up in case
I need that in the future...&& the rest will just be for me to spend
on some things that I'll need..So yea..
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Id totaly buy 2 million packets of pickled onion Monster Munch and put them all on ebay for a penny more than there worth and at the end of my lifetime then I'm going to have a few quid left over for my family to then buy more Monster Munch and put them on ebay for 2 pence more and make a family buisness out of it, way I see it in in 12 generations time we might be able to retire
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If I win a lot of money, I will share with charity organizations, because I'm happy person, and I have as much as I need

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I would leave maidstone,get an nice 5-bedroom house in Bromley south,get a nice 1-BEDROOM, FLAT IN LONDON, go off travelling around the world and the globe with a nice girl, and sort my self out to work for the video game industry and film industry.

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I would live like a play boy, but would give to charities too as it would be selfish not to.
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I would buy a property abroad somewhere like crete and leave this cold and wet country coz its not good for my arthiritis.

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