I've heard that if you play the same numbers every week for 5 years that eventually your numbers will win the lottery. Is it true?


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Willie B. good answered

No that's not true, each draw is a unique, random event.

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PJ Stein answered

No. I know people who have been playing the same numbers for much longer and still haven't won. The odds of winning a six number lottery is 1 in 13,983,816. If you divide that by 365 days, it would take over 38,000 years for each possible combination to come up. And that doesn't include possibility of some duplicate sets of numbers coming up.

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Ray Dart answered

I don't know how the US lottery works. Here in the UK the mechanisms for improving your likelihood of winning are:

Make multiple entries and cover as many possibilities as you can (don't duplicate numbers).

Use numbers spread over the entire range available (it won't make you more likely to win, but it will reduce the risk you having to share the jackpot (most people choose numbers in the bottom half of the draw).

It is a sobering thought that if you buy a lottery ticket with a single entry on a Monday, you are 17,000 times more likely to die before the day of the draw, than win the jackpot.

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My suggestion for one who wants to play the Lottery in their area.

Pick one day out of week of the whole month and play a number that

You want to come out and with that same number alternative the numbers each time you play them.

Example:  April 3 2019 ,  Play number 236

                May 7  2019 ,  Play number 632

                June 9 2019 ,  Play number 623

                  July  11, 2019 , Play number 263

See  basically stay with the same numbers but no need

to  spend too much money to play a number just do it once a month.

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