How Do You Do A Cartwheel?


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The cartwheel is a way of moving in and out of a handstand. Certain requirements should be learned and practiced before attempting the handstand alone. Be sure you can support your body weight with your arms and without help. Start in a push-up position and move your strongest leg forward near your hands so the knee is bent and near the chest. Kick the rear leg and push from the forward leg and practice supporting your body weight with your arms. Take small steps to avoid falling on your head. As you get comfortable supporting your body with your arms you scan start a basic handstand. Practiced kicking from a lunge position by placing the hands close to a wall (ask permission first) and allow your feet to touch the wall to help you stay up. Don't rest your body aginst the wall. Practice holding yourself up this way to build you strength and pratice everyday. As you become stronger a cartwheel will be much easier to learn. Once you are strong. Start in a lunge (kept as straight as possible with the arms straight and over hyour head. Tip back and forth between a lunge with your hands on the floor and a modified handstand (not quite upside down). When you can hold a handstand against the wall for 15-30 secs you can start working towards a cartwheel. Place the same hand as the lead lunge leg down first and then the other. Kick the rear leg (harder than in a handstand) so it travels through a handstand position and finishes by stepping down as you do in the handstand (one foot at a time) and facing the opposite direction you started in. The arms must be strong enough to support your weight as you pass through a handstand position - but - the legs do most of the work. Finish a cartwheel by stepping down one leg at a time and to support your weight using the lead leg in a lunge position. The hands and feet touch the ground one at a time during the entire skill.
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First ensure that you have plenty of empty space around you to do the cartwheel easily. It is always best and most safe for a first timer to practice on a mattress on the floor or a padded carpet to avoid dangerous injuries. A park with a soft grass cover will do as well. There are two kinds of cartwheels the side-to-side and the front-to-back.

The following instructions are to do a front-to-back cartwheel. Stretch both your arms straight over your head. Point one of your feet for instance you're left in the direction you want to go. Turn the other slightly outward for balance. Now look down for where you are going to place your hands. Put your left hand down and then your right keeping then both in line with the same line that you started from and now balance your whole weight on both your arms like a handstand.

Doing cartwheels is one of the most basic moves in gymnastics. It is an excellent exercise for those people intent on strengthening their upper bodies.

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