What's your favourite mountain trek and what made it a special route?


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Great question, Tim!

My favorite mountain trek would have to be the Indian Creek trail in Arkansas.

As you come to a dead end in the valley, you have to scale a rock wall, and then make a 75 degree climb for 100 feet. This climb takes you to a cave. As you venture through the cave, you end up making your way through a tunnel within the rocks. This is called, "the eye of the needle".

Once you make it out of "the eye of the needle", you end up in a totally different valley. This valley is what remains of a dried up riverbed. As you follow the riverbed, you eventually come to a glorious 100 foot waterfall, that pools up at the bottom.

It was magnificent!

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What a great route, do you have any pictures of the cave?
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Sadly, I don't. The rehabilitation center I was in was an outdoors-based program, so we basically lived in the mountains of Arkansas for thirteen months. We weren't allowed access to any kind of technology while I was there, not even cameras. :(
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But...Here's a link to the trail.


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