What Is Your Favourite Past Time?


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donna jackson answered
My favorite pastime is reading I devour books in the same way that other people eat their favorite dessert or icecream. I have always loved books, however as I have got older I find I have gravitated to non fiction books, although I do enjoy the occasional novel. My favorite type of books are biographies of famous and infamous people in history and also autobiographies. The study of human nature interests me greatly, and I am interested in what motivates people to do certain things.

Another pastime of mine that rates a close second to reading, is hiking in the mountains, especially in our area where you look down on a lake, when you sit down to eat your packed lunch and have a cool drink from your bottle, after panting up the mountain. That is hard to beat, except answering questions on blurtit of course.
Mia Teeliumtrozzle Profile
I like all hobbies and almost everything is fun.But my favourite pastime is exploring and having adventures.I love to explore because you always find something interesting or new.
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My favorite pastime is blogging. I love to share my experiences with others. At times I blog for hours.
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Alyssa Coleman answered

Writing stories is a great past time for me, and also a stress reliever. :)

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Kk polly answered

Reading, watching reruns, crosstitching, crocheting, reorganizing, shopping, and coming on blurtit. :)))

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Nealious James answered

there! My favourite pastime will have to be playing mobile games and these days
I am really addicted to this arcade platformer: . I play it on my iPhone
and I also have various other titles on my phone. This includes the very famous
Monument Valley by! Another of my fun time-killers is to simply
browse through or watch movies online. Here is a cool horror
flick: that you will surely love
if you really have nothing to do. Have fun!

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My favorite things to do are read fanfiction, write fanfiction, and talk to my friends. I also like cuddling with my kitties ^.^

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