What's your favourite game of all time?


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Well, when I was gaming, Devil May Cry series is one I liked. Board games.....I like checkers! There's one called grab...something or other, can't remember!

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Wow tough question as the gaming world is a vast one, being hard to pinpoint exact games among of mass of classic titles . Both virtual and real games are indeed fun. For real world games I used to love playing wrestling with my friend even though I hated being touched and chess is a great one to play too, but for video games I'm going to have to go with bomber man Classics on the ps2 which is a compilation of classic bomber man games that introduced me to the world of video games and I was hooked ever since. 

Other honorouble mentions include the GTA series all of them even those ones on the ps1 that would originally perplex and frustrate me as a child because I was used to 3d GTA . Any Mario game , Pokemon blue and red , La Noire, Time Splitters 2 , Rayman 1 and Hoodlum Havoc but not 2 that one was overrated by the fan base. Silent hill 2 ,wwe Smackdown vs raw 2006 , Loco Rocco which is too forgotten about. Star Fox , Silver Surfer on the nes just for the soundtrack alone but also a very difficult and hard gam 

But fun challenge all in all not recommended for casual gamers though but I do recommend the soundtrack for everyone it has 8 bit awesomeness. Terranigma , Kingdom hearts 2 I loved 1,  but growing up I hated the perpetually re spawning enemy's lets. You heard a lot of "goofy you (insert cuss here ) idiot stop dying im trying to run away " From my room , Warriors , canis canem edit, any beloved game from valve , the touho series, Kingdom hearts 3 7 and 8 , Katamari, Army men sarges heroes and major malfunction which I admit the intro was incredibly frustrating and depressing killing sarge off in the intro and having to play as the unknown private andy. But after the last game which name eludes me it was not going well for sarge even after he won with the attacks on bravo team leaving them for dead. There was nothing left for sarge he was an emotional wreck even in the ending. Metal gear solid 1 2 3 4, Peace walkers 1 and 2 , Smash bros brawl , Tysons punch out, Wario land 3 and 4 ,castlevania 1 2 3 4 and that one on ps1 then that's when series went to hell and only produced terrible games since.  Long story short I love a lot of games

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Pikmin trilogy

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I'm a chess player. 

There's no pleasure on Earth (not even THAT one) to equal the satisfaction of watching the pain on your opponent's face when he realises that you have his cojones in your hand, and you're squeezing.

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Roller coaster tycoon for pc is my favorite

And viva piñata for Xbox is my other favorite

Mine craft is good too

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I absolutely love playing crimes against humanity when getting together with good friends  ... It's a bit twisted though. I like twisted :)

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Not many people on here play Steam games...I'd say my absolute favorite video game is PAYDAY 2. Come to think of it, I'd enjoy any first person shooter with a lot of action in it. I'm just that type of gamer.

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I don't think I've ever played a game that I enjoyed more than Super Mario World on the Super Nintendo. I got the game for my 12th birthday I think. We used to play it as a family.

Sure, there have been better crafted games released since...but I've never enjoyed them as much. Good times!

I also loved playing Golden Eye multiplayer with friends on the N64.

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Except football, AngryBirds, Sims and Chess, I'm addicted to card games, and Poker is my passion.

Is that normal for a girl? I don't think so. But who cares, anyway.

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Except Sims, Chess and GTA, I'm addicted to card games. Poker is my passion. Can't live without hazard in my daily routine.

Is that normal for a girl? I don't think so. But who cares, anyway.

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When I was younger I used to play World of Warcraft.
It was cool time..I could spend all time playin that game, chatting with other players. But now...due to my job I can't afford to play a lot, that's why I've found a new  favorite game for me - zumba. I've started to play zuma online.

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